Becoming Future B

Well, its happened! September 18, 2009, my always had begun. Tim proposed to me at Buckingham Fountain that evening – after carefully crafting every detail. We were going to see the fountain before they shut it off for the season and he had a plan all of his own. We met a very nice man who took pictures for us, I thought just one photo, but again, Tim had his own plan. The man took many pictures and captured the whole proposal on film. It was perfect – romantic, sweet, loving and playful, all at once…just like Tim. When Tim began his speech, I thought I was being tossed into

the fountain. You see, Tim had me convinced that he did not want to get married, and I believe it to be somewhat true. When you start dating someone, you don’t know what the other person expects or what you even want….well, Tim had me completely fooled – to the point where I was making anti-marriage comments and jokes for him. I had gotten to a point in my life where I knew I wanted to be with Tim….however he would take me. I searched my soul, prayed and thought and realized that he was worth more to me than marrying someone because I wanted to be married. Once I came to the decision that I didn’t need to be married to be happy with Tim, he proposed – perfect! So here we are, at Buckingham Fountain, and I am once again swept off my feet by Tim. The ring, designed by him, is perfect, the night was perfect and we are perfect. I cannot wait for our forever to begin and to always enjoy our always……

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