Oh, the joys of life!

Well…it’s official – we are an old married couple!  We sat down last night to our first “Budget Committee Meeting” of our life together.  The meeting went well – I did my best to stay engaged, focused and interested in numbers and spreadsheets and he did his best to stay patient with me.
We are starting on a plan – a plan made by Dave Ramsey.  We plan to live today like no one else so that down the road we can live like no one else.  We are both so excited to be starting this journey – but to be honest, it is a bit scary, a bit unnerving, a bit worrisome….but we have each other to lean on and support – and there is no greater feeling in my life than having a partner that I can be completely honest and vulnerable with.
so…day one of budget is down, a lifetime to go.  I am so blessed to have been introduced to this system and look forward to sharing pieces of our journey!

Cheers to financial peace!


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