It’s Officially Official!

So I have finally gone through the motions to officially and legally change my name.  Being an N-B was interesting but I am now “B” through the social security office, my drivers license – even school and my credit cards!  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it and to be honest, it’s weird.  I mean, the identity I have had most of my adult life is now gone as if it never existed…the family name I am so proud to wear is no longer on the back of my jersey.  So it will take some getting used to and I have to practice writing it, but all-in-all….I know I’ll master it.  

I heard Carrie Underwood’s song yesterday “Last Name”….it made me chuckle because although that song is about getting drunk, married and now knowing your spouse or their last name – it is a bit true.  When I go out, what name will roll off my tongue?  When I sign my credit or debit card, will I sign the correct name?  Will I offend my new family by saying my maiden name if it slips?  It’s absolutely amazing to me that all of these questions roll around in my head – do I really have nothing else to think about?  


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