The mish-mash of life…

Wow – so it has been longer than I realized since I’ve been here.  To be honest, it is harder to come back than I thought…seeing as how my last post was about Grandpa.  Man would he have loved today – the sun is shining, there is a spring crisp in the air and the fish are ready to be caught!  This is the start of “Grandpa’s Season”….and it lasts until the last fish bites.  What a great season it is!!  

So I have no great, profound reason for being here…I just have so much going on it seems that sometimes my head is full to the max!  Student teaching has come and gone with great success.  I miss those kids so much and really loved what I was doing for ten weeks – I’ve continued coaching and that keeps me connected, but it is not the same as making an impact on the students in the classroom.  This connection is what is interesting me about my potential new job – advising.  I have never even thought about advising as a job but I now ask myself why?  Ideally I will end up in a classroom, but those jobs are so few and far between that I need something else to do – and advising seems to be a great alternative.  I get the connection with students, the lightbulbs and power outages that students go through on a weekly basis but I also get the business end of the spectrum…as well as projects!!  (And really, who doesn’t love a good project?!?!).  So here’s hoping that this job comes through – it is a great opportunity for both Tim and I.  I get back to the workforce and utilize my talents and he can get his MBA!  SCORE!  

So yeah, moving….crazy, right?  I mean, how do people just pick up and move like it is no big deal?  It is a HUGE deal!  Packing up two lives and moving to a new area is completely overwhelming – I’m trying to stay focused and positive but in the end, I’m terrified.  I have the best partner in the world beside me during this adventure and while I am completely excited and looking forward to the move (whenever it happens), I am feeling like a child on the first day of school – uncertain, unsure and ready to pee my pants.  Good news – we have amazing people in the new location to help us through…both friends and family that are ready and willing to help us in any way possible.  Bad news – we are leaving behind amazing people in our current location that have helped us through to this point…I know my friends and family have helped me through what I hope to be the toughest times in my life for now and have helped me become this strong woman I am today…the one willing and wanting to move across the country with her husband.  To all of those both here and there…thank you! 

There are times I question how much of a nerd I am…and then I look at this moving process and realize I’m a bit ridiculous.  I have boxes and boxes of books that I am trying so hard to sort through, donate, sell, etc…but I can’t part with them.  They’re books!  I can only hope that the new owner loves them the way that I do….but on another nerd quality – I’ve been researching moving on the internet.  No Joke – you truly can find and learn anything you want on the internet.  There are entire sites, blogs and articles committed to moving across the country – each with its own to-do list, dos and don’ts, tips and tricks and stories.  Talk about being overwhelmed…I think I need to stick to my heart, trust my husband and lean on those around me to get me through – not a computer screen and a stranger. 


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