The Valley of the Sun…yep – they were right!  

We are almost three months into our Arizona adventure and the most common question I receive?  “Why in the world would you move here in June?!?!”  You know – I didn’t think much of it for most of our time here…until last night.  

Sun Devil Football opening game, September 1, 2011. I was so excited to go and so appreciative of the tickets given to me by a co-worker.  Tim and I head in and sit….and sweat, and sweat and sweat.  GROSS.  I’ve sat through many sporting events where I have just felt super gross, but last night took the prize.  You see, at a daytime NASCAR race I am prepared for the heat (and humidity back home), but here…it is dark and yet the temperature is no less than when the sun was out – I am only missing the sun directly on my skin.  I was prepared to be uncomfortable, to be hot…but I was not prepared for the overall miserable feeling my body had.  I think I lost every ounce of water possible and my sweat found new ways to roll down my body.  Again, gross!  When we took the tickets out of our pockets…they were crinkly and a bit wet.  

So, to everyone that asked me if I was crazy…apparently I was.  To everyone who keeps telling me that it isn’t getting better yet and the nights are as hot as the days…you were right.  Where is a good crisp fall day when I need one?  

The best parts of the evening?  
1. Seeing my first large university football game
2. Having the opportunity to begin new friendships
3. Realizing I do not want to attend an outdoor event in the evening until October.


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