Would you want to work with you?

Of course I would!  But really, would I?  The workplace is such a funny place – it sometimes runs parallel to The Island of Misfit Toys…each person having their own uniqueness.  While I may not be a gun that shoots jelly or a train with square wheels, I sometimes feel that I just don’t belong.  I try to look inside, try to make sure I am not expecting too much from others, try to be supportive and coaching to those around me.  But do I expect too much?  Do I coach?  Well…I think both answers are yes and I am starting to feel secure in that.  I don’t think that expecting too much from someone is a bad thing.  If a person has gotten hired for a position, that person has made someone think he/she is capable of completing the tasks.  Well…why not expect them to be completed with excellence?  If we set the bar too low, aren’t we just expecting and supporting mediocrity?  Why not push up that bar and expect nothing but the best?  

I find myself sometimes surprised by the recognition that happens in an office.  Let’s look at a football team – the wide receiver goes out for a pass, catches it and scores a touchdown.  Exciting?  yes.  Expected?  it should be…that is his job.  This showboating when a player does exactly what he is paid to do, paid millions of dollars to do, is baffling to me.  I don’t jump and yell when I send an email or finish an advising appointment…but maybe I should!  Anyhow, back to my point…the recognition for people simply doing their jobs is getting out of control and needs to take a step back…back to the times that you were recognized for going above and beyond what was expected or asked of you.  Back when recognition meant something and wasn’t just an office policy.  


One thought on “Would you want to work with you?

  1. I saw your blog update on facebook and decided to check it out. I love what I have read so far 🙂 In regards to your question about work…you are fabulous to work with…how do I know…because I miss everyday sharing an office with you 🙂

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