Superbowl – to eat or not to eat?

Superbowl Sunday.  Some people think about football, some people think about drinking, some people think about too-old-for-tight-clothes music acts, some people think about commercials and some about food.  Me?  I think about food….all the time.  This Superbowl will be interesting for me as I probably can’t eat most of what will be offered.  Good news?  I’ve been scouring blogs and Pinterest for great gluten-free/dairy-free snacks and I think I have found a few for myself.  While I don’t plan to drink much, I do plan to partake in the other activities of the day….and I am happy to report that I am actually excited about the food (I thought that wouldn’t happen…I LOVE Superbowl junk food).  I will report more on the food as it is made and consumed….


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