Holiday…for what?

You know those holidays such as National Popcorn Day or Hug Your Favorite Pig Day (I may have made that one up)?  Where do they come from?  Who determines that today is the day to hug that pig and not tomorrow or next month?  Do we listen to them? 

I found a website,, that literally has something to celebrate for almost every day of the year.  What is today, you may ask?  Today is Ballet Day.  It is also Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday (Happy Birthday, Chuck!).  Anything else, you ask?  OF COURSE!  It is also Wave Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day (I did not make that one up) and finally………Independence Day for Grenada.  

There you have it…four reasons to celebrate today.  I still am no closer to finding out who determines these days and whether or not most people celebrate them, BUT I do wonder what we will celebrate tomorrow….


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