“I’m just trying to matter”


How do you answer, “How are you today?”  I usually have the normal response of “fine”, “good”, “great”, “alright”, “not great”, etc.  I wonder how people would react with “I’m just trying to matter”.  June Carter-Cash used this statement to portray her desire to live a good life and do good work…work that matters. 

My first impression of this statement was negative – maybe that says something about my state of mind today, I’m not sure.  But anyways, I immediately went to thinking she was looking for pity or a hug or something )side-note…I am always looking for a hug).  Then I thought about it again and thought to all I know about this woman.  This woman had a tough life, a life that she took very seriously and protected as best she could.  She didn’t mean it in a negative way – of course not!  She meant it to be one hundred percent serious…she wants to matter.  She wants to make a difference.  She wants to do a good job and live a good life.  

Have I mattered today?  Have you mattered today?  Do you want to?  What are you going to do about it?  


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