Social Media….where do I fit in?

I have Facebook.  I have Twitter (Although have never once sent a tweet).  I have LinkedIn.  I have Pinterest.  Where do I fall on the social media spectrum?  Well, I use Facebook and Pinterest every day…the other two, not often at all.  

I find social media to be helpful and hindering.  I am able to find out information quickly and easily, I am able to find any craft or project I want, I can find recipes immediately and even find out what my best friend in second grade is doing this weekend (I care even though I haven’t spoken with her since she moved in the third grade).  What I can’t do is get a hug, a smile or sometimes an original, creative thought.  I find myself with a co-dependency issue for social media.  The stigma of keeping up with everyone around me, like high school, has now followed me into my adulthood.  Is my job enough?  Is my look enough?  Do I eat well enough?  Do I have great enough ideas?

A year ago, these thoughts rarely crossed my mind.  I never wondered if I could really make an XL shirt into something cute with a sewing machine, which I don’t own.  I never wondered about the pictures from a wedding I don’t care about.  I am stuck in a cycle of social media.  Do I want in or do I want out.  I often want to delete my Facebook page but then I am stuck with the fear of missing out on something.  A friend recently took a 2 week hiatus from Facebook and it seemed like the best idea ever, until my panic attack set in for her.  What will she do?  How will she know what is going on?  How will I talk to her?  REALLY?!?!  I had to tell myself to a. Get a grip and b. come back into the real world once the grip is nice and tight.  She is on the other side of the two weeks and she is just fine.  Happy, healthy, aware and still a friend.  

So now I ask myself…when I find myself being ridiculous, is that cause for stopping the action or cause to continue it until normalcy?  


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