The world of cyber bullying powerfully comes through my television

Last night’s Glee reminded me of why I am in education.  

The entire episode was packed full of amazingness from meeting Rachel’s dads, seeing Quinn’s turnabout and cliffhanger, Blain’s return, Kurt’s growth and David Karofsky’s heartbreak.  The link below is an interview with Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, and I couldn’t have put his storyline into words any better.  The show used grace and poise in the episode, in dealing with such a sensitive subject.  To see the effect of cyber-bullying is heartwrenching, but when we look deeper at Karofsky, we also realize that his downward spiral is also because of his guilt.  Knowing now the pain he caused Kurt seemed too much to bear and in combination of the social media world being aflutter about him…he saw no hope.  The scene of his attempt to end his life was beautifully acted and captured, with the voice of Blain (Darren Criss) in the background.  I really don’t think there is any way Glee could have done any better last night.  I cried for the entire hour, for so many people, for feeling so many emotions.  

 I hope people truly learn from last night’s episode and use it as a tool.  This episode can be shown to teach the effects of so many actions – bullying (face to face and cyber), texting while driving, young marriage, hard work, love, laughter and friendship.  Kudos, Glee, for attempting to reach society, young and old.  


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