You want me to use baking soda for what?

face wash.

Yep, that’s right…face wash/mask.  I have been suffering from horrible adult acne breakouts lately and so I did some research on natural cleansing agents that could help.  Baking soda seems to be the main option, according to many sources on the web, and I’ve heard about it from a few people.  SO – while I don’t have any before and after pictures of my face (because who wants to see an ugly pimply face, anyway), it is working!  The past two nights and two mornings I have washed my face with baking soda and water and wow…what a difference it is making.  It’s not magic and my face isn’t clear overnight, but the new breakouts have stopped…the old breakouts are drying up and the redness is also going away.  I am going to continue using this for the rest of the week and assuming no irritation pops up, I may have my new, super cheap, face wash for life!  

I tell you what….diet changes and hormonal changes sure do affect the body in crazy ways!  Hopefully the baking soda continues to balance me out!  Image


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