St. Patrick’s Day without….Guinness?

The grocery store has never been my enemy.  Even recently, not being able to eat gluten, dairy or many other items lining the shelves in the grocery store, I embrace the challenge.  Until yesterday.

I ran into the store yesterday for a few items and I almost ran out….a literal run.  Right in front of me is a gigantic display for Guinness and Harp beer – the (un)official beer of St. Patrick’s Day.  Bummer.  I am a lover of all things Guinness…t-shirts, hats, cupcakes, roast beef, beer…love.  Yesterday, my love almost consumed me.  I was overwhelmed with the idea that the lovely taste of my beloved would never again cross my lips.  I hadn’t even thought of this until now!  Sure, I have to give up beer – but my mind goes to Miller Lite because that is what is normally drank around here.  There are those moments, however, when Guinness is the choice and those days I embraced warmly.  A beer snob I will happily be for a day….or once was.

So long, Guinness.  We were such good mates.  You always treated me well and I hope you feel the same.  If you have any friends of the “non-yeast and wheat” variety, please send them my way.  Image


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