Times, they are a’changing

I have been so wrapped up in this new little life that is going to be joining us soon that I have neglected this blog completely.

What a crazy ride life has been the past 6-7 months…we have gone from worrying about weekend plans and home repairs to prepping the non-repaired home for a baby and how I’m going to get enough sleep with our weekend plans.  This pregnancy has taught me a lot about men and women (based completely on myself and my husband…not a large sample, I know).  Life for a pregnant woman changes immediately – she can no longer eat certain foods, drink certain drinks, play certain sports, ride certain rides at an amusement park or stay awake to certain hours of the night…and most importantly, she can no longer think selfishly about her body, sleep, life or time spent.  Life for the man of a pregnant woman doesn’t change immediately – he is still able to do all the things he has always been able to do without worry for the baby.  When we first became pregnant I struggled with these differences – I struggled with going to bed early or heading home before my husband from a bar or function because I didn’t want to miss out on anything.  I didn’t find it fair for him to not come home with me, to support me in this adventure – our adventure.  

My biggest mistake at the beginning was thinking so selfishly – that he wasn’t supporting me by coming home, not going to the river for a day with his friends, etc.  What I have since realized is that we are wired differently, we think differently and we always will.  God works in funny ways when he came up with the roles in life.  You see, as women, we have to be able to multi-task in our daily lives to handle work, the house, the kids and most importantly, our husbands.  This multi-tasking is what makes pregnancy both a gift and a challenge – when sick, the last thing you want to do is empty the dishwasher…however, knowing you can still take care of your husband and home and now this little person inside you allows you to relax, to realize that yes, I can do this.  We, as a family, will survive.  Sure there were times where I felt alone, where I felt overwhelmed and felt that he just didn’t get it.  Well…he didn’t, to no fault of his own.  His life hasn’t changed yet and God has given him nine months to prepare for the changes our lives will encounter.  He has been able to have “one last summer” of not having the responsibility of a child, one last birthday to celebrate with his friends and one last chance to get whatever he needs out of his system.  Please don’t get me wrong – he has been amazing this summer – he has said no to countless opportunities to go and hang out, go out on the boats, go away for the weekend, etc. in order to stay home with me and not leave me alone.  I am one of the lucky ones that has a man that can balance his lives – his friends, work, home, me, video games, football, soccer, etc, and put me first.  Once my belly really started to pop out I noticed it becoming more real for him – there really is a little person in there and his excitement grows in his eyes daily!  

My goal as his wife and mother of his child is to keep my head on straight – to balance our lives and not ever let him slip from my main priority.  It seems so easy to allow the kids to take over the number one priority spot – but then what?  They leave, they get a life of their own and then we are stuck with each other, not knowing each other anymore.  My husband is my life, my priority and my love and while I cannot wait to have his children, I also can’t wait to see the man he evolves into with the children – the man he evolves into with me, in our marriage, when we have this new element added into life.  

So, while life is changing for us both, life is not ending.  A new chapter is beginning and I look forward to writing our story together.  


Our baby boy…who kind of looks like Skeletor 🙂



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