Wow. so much time has gone. and now…. this!

So, hi!  Yeah, I’ve been so far away from this blog for so long.  I have so many new things going on.  So much excitement, growth, energy…But, you see, I have this crazy notion in my brain.  This idea that I have to have separate places for different parts of my life.  Well, that stops here.  I have a zillion blogs, a zillion email addresses, a ga-zillion folders in each email address (I may exaggerate a tad).  I have always wanted work and life and hobbies and such separate but you know what, that makes life hard!  I need to simplify.  I need to get rid of the crap, the junk – both inside and outside of myself.

I’m reading a book called the the life-changing magic of tidying up.  It’s incredible.  It has my head spinning but the minute I go to start tidying up, my mess of a head gets into my way.  So, I am making a plan.  I am making change.  I am tidying up life all over the place.  My house, my head, my business, my kids, my closet, my car, my schedule, my planning, my prioritizing, my eating…yep, all of them.

magic art

So you will see some changes to the blog coming in the near future.  This tidying up is also going to tighten things up and I cannot wait to unveil the new, improved Jennelle.  Seriously.  Get ready.  Are you ready?  Because I so am.  Hold on…get ready for a wild (and clean and organized) ride!




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